Replace the key Battery Volkswagen Golf 7

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Replace the key Battery Golf 7. We replace the battery inside the remote control.


We take the key remote of our beloved Golf 7 (remote control always made with care and elegance), press the button to trigger the metal key. We hold the key remote control with one hand, with the other we insert a screwdriver (removal kit) to the side yhe cover where the key is placed, we exercise a lever until the plastic covering the battery is detached.

  • We will the battery inside the key.

The battery that we will find in the remote control key is a flat type Cr 2025-Dl 2025 ev.

  • Let’s remove it with a mini screwdriver.

We place the new 3V Cr 2025-Dl 2025 battery (better than excellent quality for longer life)

Finaly, we place the cover cap over the remote control key (press it until locks in the plastic).

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We test the operation of the remote control by pressing the buttons.

Thekey remote control of the Golf 7 is safe.

Always remember to use quality spare parts for your Golf 7.